Hanging Out With Cats: Hangout 12

Photo: Phimphakan Lebel

Today my wish was granted. Well, my wish for the day, not life in general of course. You see, dear reader, yesterday afternoon I went to the abode whence resided the object of my infatuation, Duchess, the most beautiful cat in the neighborhood (and world!). Alas, she was not in the mood to humor my passions, so I had no choice but to return home in the manner of a dejected lover. Today I tried my luck again, and the Moirai sisters must have been in high spirits, for the Fates granted me the opportunity to pay my attentions. Though I was told by the maid at the door that Countess was also present. I was a little disappointed by this news, to be honest, for I desired a private audience with the queen of my heart. Speaking of the heart, it skipped a beat when I entered the salon; for there she lay, reclined on a Persian cushion, in the manner adopted by Madame de Pompadour for her portraits by François Boucher. I was spellbound by this exquisite sight. Words failed me. She on the other hand, looked at me with aristocratic indifference. But she was looking at me! and that was all my heart needed for the day.