Hanging Out With Cats: Hangout 11

Photo: Phimphakan Lebel

It was a rainy day, and the crying inclemency proved to be very disagreeable to Duchess, the most aristocratic feline in the neighborhood. For this reason, she was not expecting any visitants from her friends, and so did not dress herself for such occasion. However, in the mood for a melancholic walk under an umbrella in the rain, thereby at one point I passed by the abode of Duchess, where it dawned on me to risk the impoliteness of dropping in without an agreed appointment. Unknowing of her mistress’s unsociable feelings, the maid let me into the salon, which commanded a view of the staircase to the apartments above. Hearing the commotion below, Duchess meandered down the steps and poked her head out between the balusters to see what the maid was up to now. When she saw yours truly, her curious frown turned into an expression one adopts when seeing a frightening apparition! She was most alarmed indeed. And I was most ashamed of being the cause of her distress. I apologized to her profusely and made many promises to never repeat impertinences of this nature again. We remain good friends, I think.