Beautiful and Redolent Flowers: Bloom 21

Photo: Boripat Lebel

A beautiful lotus of a loud hue basks under the golden rays of the afternoon sun; reminiscent of an ancient garden of the Nile, wherein a pond blooms luxuriously with Egyptian lotuses, and a Queen of a great Pharaoh lies in languor fashion under gossamer shades, her eyes admiring the varied colors of the sacred pool. A slight breeze disperses the lotus’s redolent scent in the vicinity, stimulating the nasal sensorium of a passerby, who, if familiar with expensive smells, would be reminded of Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermès; a harmonious blend of mango and lotus notes, a sweet kind of freshness quite pleasing to the nose.

Like the coy frangipani, the dangerous rose, or the bold ylang-ylang, the lotus too, with its lithe petals and bright personality, commands a power of seductive allure, the charms of which cannot be resisted once beheld or inhaled. Though not a femme fatale, a designation of which might be attributed to a rose, the lotus flower is that fashionable lady in society with the handsome looks and a dowry worth her name, whose contemporaries want to be and the dandies want to be with.