Hanging Out With Cats: Hangout 6

Photo: Boripat Lebel

Cornelius was feeling rather grumpy today, an uncommon emotion for him who was usually unmoved by negative feelings. It was the weather that had put him in this frame of mind, that had put a frown on his face and annoyance in his eyes, which was the color of ominous gold. The climate of the past week had been a sequence of downpours, most depressingly wet, and when not pouring water, the sky was covered with clouds as grey as dark marble. All of this consequently obstructing his hours of sunbathing; an occupation he practiced daily to pass the time in luxurious languor. The other cats in the neighborhood too were upset by the gloomy inclemency that had befallen upon the entire province. For instance Duchess, the most worthy cat in the district, simply refused to go out anywhere at all, remaining indoors instead, lest the humidity disturb her fur. Suffice it to say here, the forecasts did not please anybody; for it prevented many from making a number of public appearances.

However besides the elements, another factor conducing to Cornelius’s unhappiness was the reformulation of his favorite salmon-infused pellets; whereby the chefs at the company had assured its customers, by sticking labels all over the packaging and appearing in grandiose commercials, that it was an improvement of the original recipe, but which Cornelius of the House of Cervantes could not disagree more passionately. He was of the opinion that it was a most distasteful change. But alas, he did not know what to do about the matter, for his influence only went so far in the world, and thus he resulted to scowling the pain away instead.