Good Food and Meals: Dish 5

Photo: Phimphakan Lebel

Thank you so very much Palmy, my glamorous Chanel friend, for making this exquisite cheesecake for me today; a day which I had initially intended to keep mysterious, but was unsuccessful because good and kind people like yourself remember, or at least know about, the events that transpired many many years ago on a stormy Wednesday night, 28 July, when yours truly was delivered. Speaking of which, thank you Mummy and Daddy! Anyway, returning to the present, 20(something) years old, and if you will indulge me in a little retrospection, for I am prone to deep thinking on anniversaries such as these, while it is unfortunately evident that I will never become a revered specialist like Einstein, as I had planned vainly in my youth, I have come to accept the reality, and find comfort in the fact that I am a generalist, through and through, you know, kind of like da Vinci. (Laughs)

But back to the cheesecake, which my dearest of friends made from scratch. Though she calls herself an amateur baker, her gâteaux are worthy of being shown in the chilled display cases at The Mandarin Oriental Shop, or in any other number of dessert salons of that class. The presentation is minimalistic chic. The structure light and bouncy, a pillow to sleep on. Oh and the smell, the sweet gold smell. Then there is that texture, that melt in your mouth consistency, dissolving on a warm tongue like a cube of ice poured over with hot water. All in all, divine! Again, thank you very much my fine friend, much obliged for your magnanimity and the remembrance.