Strolling Through the Neighborhood: Round 12

Photo: Boripat Lebel

Très chic! Modern art in my very own bourgeois neighborhood. Indeed, we must be a very snazzy commune, for even our candelabra streetlamps example artistic expression. Though what meaning it aims to project I can only make guesses; for yours truly is not educated in the understanding of new century art, it must be confessed. But if encouraged to venture an uncultured surmisation, then my estimation would be that it is a portrayal of the effects of gravity, an almighty and powerful attraction force in the universe. On the other hand, aside from conducing mental conversation, the electrified piece also evoked scenes from the first Harry Potter movie, strangely enough; to which of course I am referring to the opening scene in the “The Sorcerer’s Stone,” whereby Professor Dumbledore uses his cigarette lighter instrument, which Google revealed to be called a “Deluminator” (how Latin), to absorb sources of concentrated photons in the nearby vicinity. Thus, as it now stands, this sculptured streetlamp, though representing an idea far removed from wizardry it may be, will be to this beholder, henceforth, a nostalgic reminder of a magical world where many a youthful years was spent invested in fantastical adventuring and swishing a chopstick to and fro in the air.