Delicious and Succulent Fruits: Indulge 5

Photo: Boripat Lebel

Durian is a delicious fruit that many people love to hate. The odor, they say, is bad; and the taste, they point out, is awful. Personally, I find the flavor to be the embodiment of joy and its fragrance perfume. To connoisseurs of this king of fruits, the following varieties will be familiar to their diets, including Golden Pillow (because its flesh is big and cushy), Gibbon (presumably the little apes like it), and Long Stem (named literally after its characteristic growth). While all three spike bombs are fine fruits and can cost as much as good wine, to be sure, the champagne of durians is the Long Laplae variant, which is grown only in the ancient district of Laplae, in the mountainous region of Uttaradit province, where a history of planting and agreeable geographical conditions champion its cultivation. Indeed, the exorbitant price tag per kilogram of the select Long Laplae is, like most luxury goods, calculated based on the economics of narrative and exclusivity. But moving on. Its flesh is a sunny yellow and the smell is surprisingly subtle. To further compare and highlight the distinctions, for example, while Golden Pillow is best enjoyed when crunchy on the outside and soft within, the Long Laplae is most exquisite when the flesh is uniformly soft, to the point that it melts on your tongue like a pat of butter on a stack of steaming pancakes. Aside from the more delicate texture that engenders a messier (but totally worth it) result, the taste of Long Laplae is sweeter and stronger, per square centimeter, than the three aforementioned cultivars. Nevertheless, as a true durian fan, I indulge in all varieties with the same ravenous gusto. J’adore d’rian!