Strolling Through the Neighborhood: Round 11

Photo: Boripat Lebel

Upon walking pass a peculiar patch of moss, sprawled rectangularly above a derelict storm drain, its color radioactive green, my mind evoked a phantasmagoria of luxuriant and shady forest scenes depicted in “The Lord of the Rings.” Indeed, a logically grand connection to make, but nonetheless to be expected from one with a vainglorious imagination and prone to delusions of grandeur. Thank you. On the other hand, I do enjoy staring at moss very much, especially when it carpets the floors of dimly lit woods and climbs up the trunks of ancient trees that shadows its unsustainable urban sprawl. Such imagery has an influence that can be palpably felt; for it is capable of calming an active and distracted mind, sometimes as tumultuous as a tempest, by replacing strong emotions with stillness and peace. All of this, from a piece of green fur glued to the side of a dilapidated pavement.