Delicious and Succulent Fruits: Indulge 4

Photo: Boripat Lebel

Evident from the dropping prices and rising deliciousness, cherry season has indubitably arrived. This is good news to all cherry gourmands, who for the past seasons have switched between cursing celestial orbits and swearing at the Greek gods for bringing about this lasting cherry famine. Appetites accrued over time, to a Dionysian rumble, it is thus not surprising to find connoisseurs enjoying them by the bucket, popping these exquisite drupes into their mouths as if they were seedless grapes, or popcorn. The Bing cherry is abundant and reliably good; deserving a plot in the orchards of the Elysian Fields, at the very least. It is a purplish-red cherry, firm to the point of producing a sounding crunch when bitten into. Its taste is sweet and a little tangy on the tongue. All of this is to say, enjoy these edible divinities whilst the season providentially allows it.