Beautiful and Redolent Flowers: Bloom 18

Photo: Boripat Lebel

Bougainvillea, so named after the French explorer Monsieur le Comte de Bougainville, is an extremely common, weedy plant that thrives in warm climates and is infamous for its resiliency. The flower, it should be noted, is the small and cute white bloom at the center, while the “petals” surrounding it, evoking the image of wrapping tissue associated with expensive gifts, and which come in a variety of pigments depending on the variant of the bougainvillea, are actually just leaves, this is true. Despite being the “daisies of the Tropics,” an original appellation yours truly would like to claim credit for when it is globally acknowledged in the dictionaries and encyclopedias of the world, not to sound vain and glory or anything like that; anyway, the plant, when luxuriantly covered in its papery, brilliant-hued flowers, can actually produce a rather pleasing vision of color contrast, and thus qualifying as an ornament in any dandy garden. As a side note, bougainvillea is a pretty name, is it not? I particularly enjoy its pronunciation, which rolls off the tongue with an aristocratic flicker.