Delicious and Succulent Fruits: Indulge 2

Photo: Boripat Lebel

Happiness to me is a tub of freshly cut up mangoes. It is a simple joy but a luxurious indulgence. On today’s fruit menu, and as the two-tone in the picture would suggest, is a mixture of two mango varieties, namely chok anan (light yellow) and maha chanok (light orange). Both smell and taste distinctly different. To wit, chok anan is a playful, honeyed fragrance, whereas maha chanok is a piquant extrait de parfum that engulfs its vicinity with a cloud of its fruit pheromones; trying a bit too hard to please the olfactory organs, and is equivalent to someone who has sprayed far too much cologne on their person. For this reason, I much prefer the scent of R2E2 (no relation to R2-D2 from Star Wars), another mango variant which strikes a marvelous balance between subtlety and perfumery. In terms of texture, both mangoes were at the peak of their ripeness, and so were juicily firm, to the extent that one mango piece was so lubricated with its syrup, it actually slid from the fork and fell to the ground, skidding on the freshly mopped parquet floor about two paces from its point of first impact… I can laugh about it now.