Delicious and Succulent Fruits: Indulge 1

Photo: Phimphakan Lebel

If durian is the king of fruits, mangosteen the queen, rambutan the prince, lychee the princess, and pineapple the duke, then by that logic, mango must be the grandest of grand duchesses. Selected in the 1980s and named R2E2, perhaps the pomologists were indulging in a bit too much Star Wars at the time of its founding, this mango variant is a rotund mass of firm juicy flesh, which is sweet but not drippingly so. The smell is something from Aphrodite’s garden; a mixture of fruity sweetness and floral powder, reminiscent of the fragrance Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermès. It is among my favorite varieties of mangoes, and observing the color change as it ripens is as teasingly tantalizing as watching an exquisite burlesque.