Beautiful and Redolent Flowers: Bloom 17

Photo: Boripat Lebel

Hibiscus is a common and familiar ornamental plant found in many tropical gardens in East Asia. Nicknamed the “rose of China,” its paper-thin vermilion petals is an exquisite red color that powerfully seduces the attentions of hungry nectarivores and floral enthusiasts alike. Meanwhile the anthers, coated in fine pollen of a brilliant yellow hue, bedazzles the staminal column like the flames on a torch. Capable of blooming all year round, providing perennial pizzazz to its vicinity, the plant is worthy of flourishing in the private gardens commissioned by an Emperor for his beloved Empress, whose peerless beauty and graceful bearing inspired the construction. Because of its large build and defined parts, hibiscus has become a staple in many primary school biology classes, wherein it is often dissected, and its internals examined with botanistic gusto.