Strolling Through the Neighborhood: Round 8

Photo: Boripat Lebel

A purposeful stroll in the neighborhood after a long day of mental activity brought me to the abode wherein Duchess, the most noble lady cat in the district, luxuriously resided. It had been my intentions to come pay her worshipfulness a visit, for I had become rather infatuated with her of late, and thought of her beauty and grace constantly throughout the hours of the day. Alas, she was not in the mood to receive my attentions. Thus dejected, I returned whence I came, in a melancholic mood that would have been appreciated by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and readily painted by Vasily Perov. But upon crossing a bridge over the water that beautified the commune, for my neighborhood was something of a tropical and bourgeois version of Lake Como, if I may be so vain and glorious as to make such comparisons, I turned my visage and tilted it upwards to the heavens, and there beheld in the sky, the lines of a rainbow! And thence my mood was lifted, and I looked forward to the evening, positively thinking that tomorrow I will try my luck again with Duchess.