Strolling Through the Neighborhood: Round 7

Photo: Boripat Lebel

Perhaps due to the difficulty of culturing fruits organically, for it is hard to grow them beautiful and succulent without chemical aids, it is known, the fruit-bearing plants in the gardens of my neighborhood serve a more decorative purpose than a nutritional one therefore. Consequently, upon entering the rainy season, when fruits such as mangoes dangle from its stem in a suggestive manner inviting to be plucked, the monsoonal winds are apt to forcefully liberate them from their stalks, whence they fall down onto the ground with a splat, revealing its innards to sweet-tooth scavengers. With every drop, expect an island ecosystem to form; whereon ants, flies, and wasp-like insects descend onto the rotting fruit with buzzing gusto, seemingly non-territorial, for there are many splats in the vicinity to go around.