Beautiful and Redolent Flowers: Bloom 15

Photo: Boripat Lebel

Indubitably, frangipani is one of the most exquisite smelling flowers of all the varieties of flowering plants recorded in the history of botany. The one captured here is a slightly smaller variant of the traditional white-petalled, yellow-centered bloom associated with the tropics. To the nose, the smaller frangipani smells sweeter and more powdery than the larger type; an eau de parfum compared to an eau de toilette, or, for the fragrance connoisseurs, the difference between J’adore and J’adore L’absolu. Albeit, it is possible that the concentrated redolence of the former might be in large part due to the denser clustering of the smaller flowers. Regardless, both variants are an aphrodisiacal pleasure to smell. Though it should be noted here, that on a hot afternoon when the air is appropriately heated, a breath full of the small frangipanis might be a bit too intoxicating for some to withstand.